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Reader warning: Don’t be a victim of phone scams

(Courtesy of the Federal Trade Commission)

This morning, I talked to a York County man who says he was nearly the victim of a phone scam.

He said someone left a message with his employer, saying he was being sued and that he needed to return the call or be fined.

He was worried, so he called the number. The person who answered said he couldn’t give the man any information about his case without getting a Social Security number first.

When the man refused, the person on the line hung up.

The man called the York Daily Record/Sunday News because he wanted to get the word out and let other people know that they shouldn’t be a victim to such a scam.

I did a quick online search to see if I could find anything about this particular phone scam, and found a few mentions of it.

I also found information from the Federal Trade Commission on phone scams and how people can avoid them. You can file a complaint here.

And, in case you haven’t already, you can add your phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry.