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People who matter honored by York Revolution

Jose Colon, a person who matters in the York community, gets ready to throw out the first pitch at the York Revolution game April 21.

The York Daily Record/Sunday News was pleased to host Jose Colon and his family in our skybox at Sovereign Bank Stadium for today’s York Revolution game. Colon was the first honoree for a new regular feature at Sunday home games this season, focusing on “People Who Matter.” That’s a part of our Sunday Viewpoints section where we shine a spotlight on people who make a difference in our community. They’re not all well-known movers and shakers. More often, they’re regular folks who help others in quiet, unassuming ways.

In the case of Jose Colon, he’s an emerging leader in York’s Hispanic community as a board member for the Centro Hispano Jose Hernandez. He helps members of the community in myriad ways, from from helping people overcome language barriers to connecting them with social services and employment opportunities.

Colon is also serving as a community columnist for our Viewpoints section this year, writing pieces about our Hispanic community and its history.

He was a great choice as a first honoree by the Revs. Look for other people who matter throwing out the first pitch at Sunday home games. (Actually, there are numerous “first” pitches – today Colon was the last first pitch!)