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Click to see full graphic.   It’s time to change and expand the roles of one of the most traditional areas of the newsroom — the copy desk. These are the folks who, traditionally, put the finishing touches on the nearly-finished work of others — reporters, photographers, wire services, etc.

When deadline is ever-present and technology advances at a lightning pace and the needs of your audience shift from story to story and day to day, it is hard to establish a pattern of what you expect from yourself and your organization. To help with that, the York Daily Record

York,Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News photographer Jason Plotkin’s Gettysburg 150 photograph received more than 500 YDR Facebook likes. Here was the FB question: “Re-enactor Patrick McCarthy gets down on one knee as he asks his girlfriend Anna Jennings to marry him at the Gettysburg 150th celebration today. Wanna guess what she said?” This photo was part of the work produced by more than 40 Digital First Media journalists covering the Battle of Gettysburg’s 150th anniversary.