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Page 2 feature didn’t work for YDR readers, so we made a change

Sometimes, a news organization tries something, and it doesn’t work.

That was the case with “Start Your Day Here,” a Page 2 feature in the York Daily Record/Sunday News since October.

Reader told us that it contains news that didn’t work for them, and they also told us that we needed to put more national and international news in the newspaper.

So, we made some changes, ending up with the following note in the YDR this week:

Dear Reader,

You’ll notice that we’ve started running the “Nation & World news feed,” above, in place of the “Start Your Day Here” feature.

We’re doing this in response to reader feedback that you’d like to see more nation and world news in the newspaper. So the “Nation & World news feed,” which ran irregularly in the past, will replace the “Start Your Day Here” feature in the space above. We will continue to run the “Star Report,” part of “Start Your Day Here,” under the crossword puzzle in the Living section, Monday through Saturday.

Thanks for your feedback. Feel free to contact me with comments about this or any other part of the York Daily Record/Sunday News.

– Jim McClure