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One year ago: The crazy bus driver goes viral on Facebook

The most-viewed post in the history of the York Daily Record/Sunday News Facebook page is this link to the “Crazy Bus Driver” video, which was recorded just over a year ago.

Readers posted dozens of comments about the video, which showed a driver unwisely plowing through a great deal of water with a bus full of students.

Some of the reader reaction to the September 8, 2011, post were:

  • “I’m offended by the ignorance of that bus driver putting the lives of those children in danger. Period. There is no excuse whatsoever that can justify risking a bus load of children.”
  • “This bus driver need to be fired !!!!!!”
  • “I have been a bus driver for 16 years…never ever would I attempt to drive through water like that! that bus could have tipped killing all the children inside! this is just horrible!”