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NewsVroom heads to Dover for Bookmobile fun

Ever hear of a Digital Bookmobile? The YDR’s NewsVroom headed out to the Dover Area Community Library to check it out on Monday.

Turns out the Digital Bookmobile is a giant truck that travels to libraries around the country to teach readers how to access books and library services online, and was in Dover for one day only.

Of course, another cool truck was there as well… note the stylish Vroom.

The YDR showed readers how to get their news digitally… and the opening line of “A Tale of Two Cities.” (Check out this and this.)

But wait… what’s that? Not enough excitement? No Sweat, York was there, too, handing out water bottles and shake, shake, shaking it off during a Zumba class in the Community Center.  

That’s right, books, news, pork and Zumba all in one day. Needless to say the NewsVroom escaped a case of the Mondays this week.