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NewsVroom heading to JCC Jewish Food Festival on Sunday

I got to take a break from the newsroom grind on Tuesday and go visit Linda Seligson at the York Jewish Community Center. I asked Sean Adkins to tag along. Getting out of the office is key for me and doing it on a day where the temperatures were 70-plus degrees and sunny? Bonus.

You see, a couple months ago, Randy Parker, our managing editor, asked me to handle the coordination of the NewsVroom, our mobile media lab. If you are reading this post on the blog, you probably know already that the NewsVroom is a mobile classroom, community outreach — and funky-looking — van that visits a number of sites each month.

The NewsVroom helps to spread the word of what we do and what community groups are doing. Handling this process has been fun and at times doesn’t even seem like work. Don’t let Parker know that.

We’ve been busy. It’s a good busy.

But, I wanted to give a shoutout for an upcoming visit. On Sunday (April 14) we were asked to set up shop at the annual Jewish Food Festival held at the JCC in York Township.

When I can, I like to scope out the events before so we can check out the location, setup, etc., thus the reason we stopped by the JCC. On Sunday we will be in the gym with dozens of other vendors.

Seligson asked us to be a part of the event on Sunday. Linda goes back with the York Daily Record. She had worked with us before pursuing other interests in early 2000. She understands how spreading the word will help her organization’s event.

Look for Sean and me on Sunday with the NewsVroom. We will be happy to show you some of our cool apps, how we do our job in the fast-paced online world and maybe take a photo or two. Check back on the NewsVroom blog on Sunday and follow us live on a blog.

Hope to see you there.