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My Super Hero outfit is a big hit in the newsroom.

Hi, it’s Sam here, read my bio here. I’m the graphic artist at the York Daily Record/Sunday News. I take pride in my work and in my fashion sense. I like to try out new trends in fashion. Right now, bold colors are in.

Well, walking around the newsroom delivering my art proofs to various reporters and editors I’ve gotten some feedback to my outfit today.

Sean Adkins, business reporter, said I reminded him of a super hero. He also asked me if it was uncomfortable for me sit at my desk with my huge belt. I said no.

Later on. Randy Parker, managing editor, ask me to come over to where he was standing and then turned to Eileen Joyce, visual editor, and proceeded to ask her if I reminded her of a super hero.

They both insisted I needed a cape to complete my Super Hero outfit, so I grabbed a red apron hanging on one of the cubicles. (I don’t know why there is a red Lowe’s apron hanging on the cubicle, it’s been hanging there since I can remember.)

Then Randy, Eileen and I discussed how the fashion designer in the movie “The Incredibles” was against capes.

Then we discussed what my super power would be.

Eileen suggested saving english bulldogs in the world, or protecting fans at the Super Bowl, but since I forget that the Super bowl is NFL and not college I’d end up at the wrong stadium.

I just like having fun when it comes to my clothing choices. And today I know that I’ve given some of my co-workers a good laugh, which doesn’t bother me. Well, at least I haven’t shown up to work in a dress made of raw meat, I’m not that crazy.

If you’re interested in seeing some real super heros, then check out the trailer to “The Avengers,” which release on May 4.