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Monday, Nov. 5 news budget

Here’s a look at our news budget at this hour for tomorrow’s paper. It also reflects much of what you’ll see on our website during the day.

Our budgets can and often will change a lot between now and tonight: Some stories will change as new information comes in, some stories will be added to the budget and others will be taken off.

What questions do you have about stories we’re working on, or about the budget form itself? Do you know of something we should be covering that you don’t see on the budget? Let us know by commenting here.


SLUG: RUPPERT1105 — 14 — Trying for the family of Michael Ruppert, the man killed on I-83 (Czech)
Art: submitted of him from FB
Breakouts: possible
Online pieces: Posted 7 pm, Twitter, Facebook

SLUG: JONES1105 — 23 — Sarah Jones rushed to HIA as Hurricane Sandy approached. While she flew away from a mess the storm would cause York County, her destination and future home included a dilapidated building, sick children, limited food, polluted water and a dire future. But Jones, a Shrewsbury native and 2007 Susquehannock High School graduate, plans to change all that at a Honduran orphanage. (mcminn) FILED
Art: Submitted
Breakouts: one
Online pieces: Posted at 5 p.m., Twitter, Facebook,

LEDE: Best of wire or breaking news

MAIN ART: SLUG: FALL1105 — 13 — It’s Fall Extravaganza at Roundtop this weekend. (McCune)
Art: New
Breakouts: how many
Online pieces: Posted at 7 p.m., Twitter, Facebook,

SLUG: STORM1105 — 10 — The latest on the upcoming storm. (stephanie)
Art: New, file, mug, submitted
Breakouts: how many
Online pieces: Posted at 7a.m., Twitter, Facebook

MAIN ART: SLUG: ORGAN1105 — 14 — A dedication concert is planned for the newly-restored Emmanuel UCC organ his family business is restoring. (McLane)
Art: New by paul
Breakouts: how many
Online pieces: Posted at 9 p.m.

alt story form: SLUG: GOAT1105 — 12 — The story of Leonard the goat and his run-in with Sandy. (mclane)
Art: New or submitted?
Breakouts: possible
Online pieces: Posted at 9 p.m., Twitter, Facebook

IF NEEDED: SLUG: UNSLUGGED — Story from Evening Sun — Fairfield Inn? Spring Grove rapper? (reporter)
Art: New, file, mug, submitted
Breakouts: how many
Online pieces: Posted at 8 p.m.


SUNDAY, NOV. 4, 2012

SUN SLOT: Elijah
LDN SLOT: Travis
CLERK: Andrea

—- UNSLUGGED: Penn State football folo column. (Frank Bodani)

—- UNSLUGGED: Folo on West York football, looking to keep momentum going in playoffs after undefeated season. (Adam McCallister, filing to scores@ydr.com and ejones@ydr.com by noon Saturday)

—- UNSLUGGED: Alt format? Big breakout box? District 3 football pairings, sites and times are officially announced. (Staff)

—- UNSLUGGED: Feature story on Dallastown grads Shane Campbell and Christian Kaschak, who now play for Penn State men’s soccer team. (Bill Arsenault) w/submitted art

—- NFL: Baltimore at Cleveland, 1 p.m. (Wire)

—- NFL: Pittsburgh at NY Giants, 4:25 p.m. (Wire)

—- NFL: Advancer for Eagles-Saints on Monday night. (Wire)

—- NASCAR Sprint Cup race in Fort Worth Texas, 3 p.m. (Wire)

—- Baseball free-agent roundup. Watch for Phillies/Orioles rumors. (Wire)

SLUG: BBQ1105 — York countians compete for BBQ titles. (Teresa McQuinn)
Art: Three new by Paul
Breakouts: One — what’s the secret to winning?
Online pieces: Posted for 5 p.m. Sunday

SLUG: MIK1105 — Groceries ran out of bananas pre-Sandy. (Argento)
Art: Columnist mug
SLUG: BESTOFBLOG1105 — Disney buys “Star Wars,” nerds freak out via T&C. (Rorabaugh)
Art: File from Associated Press
SLUG: TEENREVIEW1105 — Bieber singing toothbrush. (TT)
SLUG: TEENDIARY1105 — Fifteen minutes of magic — halftime at football game. (TT)

SLUG: BOOKREVIEW1105 — “I Still Dream About You” by Fannie Flagg via Book Buzz. (Cook)
Art: Book Buzz logo