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Monday, Nov. 19 budget

Here’s a look at our news budget at this hour for tomorrow’s paper. It also reflects much of what you’ll see on our website during the day.

Our budgets can and often will change a lot between now and tonight: Some stories will change as new information comes in, some stories will be added to the budget and others will be taken off.

What questions do you have about stories we’re working on, or about the budget form itself? Do you know of something we should be covering that you don’t see on the budget? Let us know by commenting here.


MAIN ART: SLUG: ZION1119 — 15 — Mt. Zion is hosting its first community Thanksgiving dinner. (McLane)
Art: New
Online pieces: Posted at 8 p.m., Twitter, Facebook,

SLUG: GUNS1119 — 21 — gun sales are up following Obama’s election. Same thing happened in 2008, other times in recent history. (Boyer) EDITED
Breakouts: one
Online pieces: Posted Sat.

SLUG: TRAV1117 — 17 — Travelers could be paying the highest gas prices while traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday (boeckel) FILED, needs weather update
Breakouts: One of FB comments about readers’ travel plans
Online pieces: Posted at 7 p.m., Twitter, Facebook

Best of the WIRE


SLUG: GAS1119 — 12 — This would be the detailed description line. (staff reports)
Art: New by paul
Breakouts: how many
Online pieces: Posted at all day Twitter, Facebook

MAIN ART: SLUG: ARTICLES1119 — 14 — Articles of Confederations Day focuses on student media awards and presentations. (McCune)
Art: New
Breakouts: how many
Online pieces: Posted at 8 p.m., Twitter, Facebook

SLUG: FLU1119 — 12 — Checking in with the free flu shot clinic. (Czech)
Art: Ted took a photo
Breakouts: how many
Online pieces: Posted at 9 p.m., Twitter, Facebook

SLUG: VAZQUEZ1119 — 12 — Man who ran from police in his underwear surrenders. (czech)
Online pieces: Posted at 6 p.m., Twitter, Facebook,



LDN SLOT: Travis
ES SLOT: Elijah
CLERK: Andrea

—- Centerpiece: Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, 8:20 p.m. (Wire)

—- Conditional: If York College won Saturday, it plays in the NCAA Division III quarterfinals at 1:30 p.m. at York College, trying to earn spot in Final Four. (Colin Snyder) w/art assigned

—- UNSLUGGED: Penn State folo column. (Frank Bodani) w/possible leftover art

—- NASCAR: Sprint Cup season finale in Homestead, Fla., 3 p.m. (Wire)

—- BEARS1119: Hershey Bears host Syracuse, 5 p.m. (LDN)

—- AX1119: York College women’s basketball game. (Staff)

—- Conditional: Any local slugs that were held from Saturday’s section.

—- NFL: Eagles vs. Redskins, 1 p.m. Not mandatory for sports front, depending what else goes out there. (Wire)

—- Roundups: College basketball, NBA, Golf, etc.

MAIN ART: FITNESS11 — Burn those extra holiday calories (Smart repurpose)
SLUG: MIK1119 — Mike Argento column