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Monday, July 9 budget

Here’s a look at our news budget at this hour for tomorrow’s paper. It also reflects much of what you’ll see on our website during the day.

Our budgets can and often will change a lot between now and tonight: Some stories will change as new information comes in, some stories will be added to the budget and others will be taken off.

What questions do you have about stories we’re working on, or about the budget form itself? Do you know of something we should be covering that you don’t see on the budget? Let us know by commenting here.

July 8

Emileigh — 8 a.m.
Ted — 9 a.m.
Ashley — 3 p.m.
John — 3 p.m. desk
(Kara backup)

bonnet: Living game story; either local or sports cp?
web bar: What do YDR’s 20-somethings blog about? Check out for yourself, www.yorkblog.com/twenty


SLUG: FIRE0709 — 15 — York County firefighter out in Colo. fighting the big fire. We talk to some others about it, too. (LeFever) FILED
Art: 1 submitted vertical
Breakouts: 2
Online pieces: Posted at 7 p.m.

MAIN ART: SLUG: DEMO0708 — 13 — Historic railroad building (former Ore Valley station) demolished Saturday morning. (Buckel) FILED
Art: New, by Eileen
Breakouts: 1
Online pieces: Posted at 6 p.m.

SLUG: HAARS0709 — 12 — Haar’s Drive-In hits 60 years and is facing some money troubles (Wislock)
Breakouts: 1 at a glance info
Online pieces: Posted at 7 p.m.

Best of wire — hard news? or drive-in could be hard news.

LOCAL (3-story front)

SLUG: DUI0709 — 13 — Man facing homicide by vehicle charges in the accident that killed his brother when they were both drunk, says he wants a trial bc it wasn’t being drunk that caused the crash, it was wet roads. (Lee) FILED
Art: 2 mugs
Online pieces: Posted at 8 p.m.

MAIN ART: SLUG: PARTNER0709 — 14 — Aldersgate United Methodist Church of York Township is beginning a new formal partnership with Otterbein UMC in York this Sunday. (Buckel)
Art: New by Paul
Breakouts: 1, Meet the Pastor
Online pieces: Posted at 9 p.m.

SLUG: ASSAULT0709 — 9 — two guys try to run over a West York cop. Dudes still at large. (Czech)
Art: submitted shot
Online pieces: Posted at 5 p.m.


SUNDAY, JULY 8, 2012

SUN SLOT: Elijah
LDN SLOT: Travis

—- One townball game. (Staff)

—- DIRT0709: Lincoln Speedway from Saturday night, plus whatever else. (Staff)

—- FBO0709: Column on the Pittsburgh Pirates. (Frank Bodani) 20 inches

—- REVS0709: York Revolution host Camden in final game of first half, 5 p.m. (Ryan Dixon)

—- Wimbledon men’s singles championship. (Wire)

—- Folo from Saturday night’s NASCAR race (Wire)

—- Should go on front: MLB: Baltimore at LA Angels, 3:35 p.m. (Wire)

—- MLB: Braves at Phillies, 1:35 p.m. (Wire)

—– US Women’s Open. (Wire)

MAIN ART: DRGAME709 (ESGAME0708) — Hanover man created a game for the iPhone (ES)
Art: 070212_sd_gameapp1.jpg, 070212_sd_gameapp2.jpg, 070212_sd_gameapp3.jpg
Breakout: One, DRGAME0709B, with information on how to download app

SLUG: MIKE0709 — How bison will destroy U.S. energy economy. (Argento)
Art: Columnist mug

SLUG: LIVBLOG0709 — Three ways to save at the beach. (Ashley via T&C)
Art: Photo illustration by Ashley, plus T&C logo

SLUG: TEENCLICK0709 — Review of web comic Homestuck. (TT)
Art: teenclick logo

LIVBRIEF0709 — Smart summer photo contest