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Monday, Aug. 20 news budget

Here’s a look at our news budget at this hour for tomorrow’s paper. It also reflects much of what you’ll see on our website during the day.

Our budgets can and often will change a lot between now and tonight: Some stories will change as new information comes in, some stories will be added to the budget and others will be taken off.

What questions do you have about stories we’re working on, or about the budget form itself? Do you know of something we should be covering that you don’t see on the budget? Let us know by commenting here.


Best of wire — likely need hard news above the fold for lede

TOP SLUG: HEALTH0820 — 12-14 — Family First Health center at Hannah Penn Middle School will remain open, despite the school itself being closed. Family First says they’ll take the year to work with the school district and plan for the future. (Mason)
Breakouts: 1 on hours and such
Online pieces: Posted at 9 p.m., Twitter, Facebook

MAIN ART: SLUG: FAST0820 — 14 — Eid-Al-Fitr Muslim breaking of the Ramadan fast. (Beam)
Art: New, assigned to Paul
Breakouts: 1 on what Ramadan is
Online pieces: Posted at 10 p.m., Twitter, Facebook,

LOW: SLUG: BID0817 –12.5 — update on the old city hall: they are accepting bids to renovate for York City Police with construction to start in Oct. (Opilo) FILED
Online pieces: Posted at 6 p.m.


TOP SLUG: THEFT0820 –9 — Dudes charged in elaborate gas theft scam. (Czech)
Online pieces: Posted at 8 pm

(could do 2-story slug) MAIN ART: SLUG: BRIDAL0820 — 12 — It’s bridal show time down in southern York County. Any new trends? (Krebs)
Art: New, assigned to Paul
Breakouts: not sure
Online pieces: Posted at 9 p.m.

LEDE SLUG: ROAD0820 –9– Monday is the start of another construction project in North Codorus. This time, it’s on what’s already the eastbound detour for the bridge. (Opilo) FILED
Breakouts: refer to sunday story online about the increase in crashes along the detours according to police
Online pieces: Posted Sat night, brief ran with sunday sg story

SLUG: FLEE0820 –9 — Guy charged with fleeing and eluding. Wanted for allegedly stealing U-Haul trucks (Czech)
Online pieces: Posted at 8 pm



SUN SLOT: Travis
LDN SLOT: Elijah
CLERK: Wyatt

—- UNSLUGGED: Central League championship series, Jefferson at Stoverstown, Game 3. Stoverstown leads, 2-0. (Sytiva Seitz) art assigned

—- HSGTEN0819: High school girls’ tennis preview (Travis Pickens)

—- REVS0820: York Revolution at Camden. (Staff)

—- DIRT0820: Local dirt-track results. (Staff)

—- FBO0820: Steve Jordan, a 2006 Central High grad, has been playing pro football overseas. (Frank Bodani) 17 inches

—- MLB: Orioles at Tigers, 1 p.m. (Wire)

—- MLB: Phillies at Brewers, 2 p.m. (Wire)

—- NFL Preseason: Colts at Steelers, 8 p.m. (Wire)

—- NASCAR Sprint Cup race in Michigan, 1 p.m. (Wire)

SLUG: FORTRESS0820 — Group offers public tours in a Flying Fortress. Feature from tour in N.J. (MCT/Phila. Inquirer)
New: MCT
Breakouts: refer to ydr.com/vets and americanhomecomings.com

SLUG: MIK0820 — Mike Argento column