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Mobile Media Lab speeds forward once again in York

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the Mobile Media Lab.

In my last update I reported that we had run into a serious hurdle. The van we were going to use from our delivery fleet was in no shape for this project. Too many dents. Too much rust. And a nasty hornets’ nest.

But George Sepic, the head of our circulation department, has come through for us. He has offered up the newest van in his fleet, and it’s in great shape. It’s even bigger than the one we had been planning to use. That means our artists get a bigger canvas on which to tell our story.

Samantha Dellinger and Tink Rosario are just about finished with the design work. We presented these sketches


to our publisher, Sara Glines, yesterday. We have a few details to tweak and then we hope to get the final OK on Monday.

That means that this could be in the shop to get wrapped by the week of June 18.

I’ve also been in some promising conversations with someone from a company that might donate the iPads and cell phones needed for the Mobile Media Lab. This company’s regional vice president of marketing said she really likes the community service aspects of this effort, and sees a natural tie between what we are doing and what they do. Sorry, but it’s too early in the process to tell you who this potential sponsor is. If they sign on, though, you’ll be hearing a lot about how our service to this community meshes so well with theirs, I’m sure.

The clock is winding down for anyone else who might want to get a sponsorship position on the van. We’d be happy to discuss the promotional and community good-will possibilities with anyone who wants to contribute to this project. Just contact me at 717-771-2012 and I can explain.

I can’t wait to see this van rolling up to high school football games, youth soccer tournaments, movie premiers or the York Fair. We are ready to help the people of York County better understand how new technology will change the way we get to know each other.