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Looking for part-time work?

Here are two fun facts for you to dazzle your friends with at your next get-together: York County has 72 municipalities and 16 public school districts.

Wanna know why I know this? Because part of my job entails managing news correspondents, who are the people we work with to cover municipal and school board meetings.

Sound like a lot of places to cover? It is. Sound like it’s hard to keep enough people on board to cover all those meetings, which — no offense to public officials — tend to be yawn-inspiring?

It is.

So much of what goes on at these meetings affects people’s lives — and, more to the point, their wallets — directly.

Yes, it’s monotonous to see a bunch of people sitting at a long table passing motions to pay the bills and discussing long-range sewer plans. But those bills are being paid with taxpayers’ money, and that sewer plan could mean an 80-year-old widow on a fixed income will have to shell out $5,000 in a few years to hook up to a system she doesn’t even want.

And it’s a correspondent’s job to make sure that widow knows about that before a bill shows up in her mailbox.

Correspondents are not employees; instead, they are subcontractors who do work we offer to them.

And I need more.

I’m looking for people who have some college-level or professional writing experience, although people with all backgrounds are welcome to apply. You’d need to be available in the evening, have dependable transportation and be able to accept (and learn from) constructive criticism.

If you’re interested in learning more about the freelance opportunities I have available, please email a resume and two or three writing samples (links to samples are acceptable) to agulli@ydr.com.