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In Hanover, Pa., engaging office space – and community journalism

This is an outside-in view of The Evening Sun’s new digs on Hanover’s square. Keep your eye on that wonderful second-story window because you’ll see an inside-out view below.

The Evening Sun in Hanover is the York Daily Record’s sister newsroom – and a close sibling at that.

The newsroom is moving from its longtime Baltimore Street building to the old Tanger Hardware store building on Hanover’s square.

The staff rounded out its year by writing about its new neighborhood – Center Square – past, present and future.


This rectangular streetscape view comes through that second-story fans-shaped window.


Of course, the soon-to-be office space is one thing, but engaging work coming out of the Hanover newsroom is the Evening Sun’s mission. Such as The Evening Sun’s ‘Revitalizing Hanover’ project, summarized here: ‘The Evening Sun staff has examined the past, present and future of Hanover’s heart — its Center Square. The square, like in many small towns, has undergone a series of changes since its bustle decades ago. Some area residents long for a return of that past. Others know that’s impossible, but a successful revitalization is not.’

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