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How did police come up with Operation Surburban Sleeper and other such names?

Police sized these marijuana bricks in an investigation colorfully named ‘Operation Suburban Sleeper.’

Remember the news story last week about police labeling a recent drug bust “Operation Suburban Sleeper?”

“The operation was so named because the dealers lived in suburban neighborhoods, and many of them allegedly had been trafficking drugs in York County for the past decade,” Springettsbury Township Lt. Daniel Stump said, as reported in the York Daily Record/Sunday News.

That prompted a newsroom discussion about the creativity shown by law enforcement officers.

A few years ago, for example, officials borrowed the name of the famous timber saw in which lumberjacks tackle trees from two sides: “Operation Whipsaw.”

Made some of us wonder how much time police officials spend thinking up such names.

I mean, do they sit in a conference room and write possibilities on a white board?

Do they eat lunch with a professional PR person to get ideas?

Dunno, but they certainly are memorable.

Any other such operations come to mind?

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