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Have you seen this man?

I don’t know what people did before email.

We still get a ton of news releases through the office fax machine, and although it frequently jams or runs out of ink, it’s still a useful tool. Most of the time.

After one particular release came through, it’s easy to see why we’re trying to be “digital first.”

Tuesday afternoon we got a fax about a York man who police said stole items from a Spring Garden store and left his baby behind when police began to chase him. It was an interesting story and we rushed to get more on it but were held up by the photo.

Below the bold “wanted” print was a photo of the man police were searching for in connection with the incident. Or at least we think it is. It could be the invisible man. All we can tell is that he’s wearing a white t-shirt.

After we tossed around these possibilities we got around to calling the police department and the receptionist knew immediately why I was calling. Apparently we aren’t the only media outlet with an older model fax machine.