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Got to keep the presses pressing!

York County was hit today with a powerful, and unusually early, blizzard. More than 2 million homes and businesses lost power along the East Coast. More than 50,000 in York County alone. Roads are slick with sleet. Ice is anticipated to gloss the sidewalks as temperatures drop. But the newsroom at YDR is buzzing with activity in preparation for Sunday’s news.

All evening we have been working to keep ydr.com up-to-date with storm developments and local news. As the deadline for the paper approaches, pages are being sent to the printer every few minutes.

Last night, since we knew the snow was coming, my boss reviewed YDR’s policy for adverse weather. Very few excuses will get you off the hook for making it into the office, he said, and the weather isn’t one of them.

We are entirely committed to getting the news out to the community in every format we can. You can keep an eye on the website, look out for the morning paper and check on the mobile apps.

We’ll be here.