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Goodbye to Kara Eberle and hello to Samantha Dellinger on the YDR editorial board

Who are these people? Members of the York Daily Record/Sunday News Editorial Board. They’re the people responsible for the “Our Opinion” feature on the editorial page, usually labeled “Our take” at YDR.com.

Got an unexpected call from a reader today with a question about the YDR editorial page. He wanted to know what happened to Kara Eberle.

“Nothing,” I said, “She’s out in the newsroom right now. Why do you ask?”

“She disappeared from your box.”

“Box? Oh right — the masthead box on the editorial page.”

“I read everything in the paper,” he said, “and I noticed she was missing and a new name was there. I was curious about that.”

Kara Eberle

I explained that Kara, who was our niche publications editor — in charge of Smart magazine, the Smart blog and many, many other things — had recently moved to an assistant metro editor position on our news desk.

When she became a news editor, she was no longer eligible to serve on the editorial board, according to longstanding policy here at YDR. We prefer that news editors, who make coverage decisions, not be involved in commenting on the stories they assign and edit. Think of it as a firewall between news and opinion.

Kara recently attended her last editorial board meeting. We’re going to miss her.

Samantha Dellinger

But we’re also excited that graphic artist Samantha Dellinger has joined the editorial board. We’re looking forward to hearing her ideas for graphic and visually focused editorials. Check out her Artist’s Bloc blog here.

So thanks to that alert reader (whose name I, unfortunately, forgot to ask) for raising that question and giving me a good excuse to officially thank Kara for her years on the edboard and to welcome to Sam.