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Giddy up: The NewsVroom moseyed on down to The Corral

Another week, another high school football game.

For Week 8, we braved the back roads (Menges Mills was a tight fit!) to set up shop at South Western for the Mustangs 28-5 victory against Red Lion.

We got some fun video of the Mustangs making their entrance (below), got to meet some ladies who were raising money for a Hanover-area family affected by cancer and ran into the youngest Felton (Maeson).

Click here to check out sports copy editor Sherry Coons’ storify from the evening.

I even got introduced to parkour/free running. According to Wikipedia, I’m late to the game since it’s been around since the 90s. …. Red Lion’s Judge Kunce showed me these videos that he and his friends made:

And here are our GameTimePA prize pack winners:

Vanessa Berger was the first-quarter winner.

Our second-quarter and halftime winner was Joe Lightner, who repeatedly apologized to us for being ‘hyper.’ We didn’t mind one bit.

This coming Friday, we are making our way down Route 616 to settle in at Susquehannock for the night as the Warriors take on Kennard-Dale.