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FlipSide collects donations for Food Bank

FlipSide editor Pat Abdalla's son Michael and wife Molly, right, made a quick visit during with reporter Erin McCracken at the movie theater Thursday night.
Some nights, even after a long day, you feel really good about what you’ve done at work.
Thursday night – and Friday morning – were one of those days for me.
And I can thank FlipSide reporter Erin McCracken, who had a great idea.
On Monday, she asked why no one seemed to be tying in a hunger theme to “The Hunger Games.” She was right. It seemed like a natural fit. Collect money for a food pantry.
So why don’t we do it?

There wasn’t much time to put things together. We got a couple of briefs into the paper and FlipSide.
Erin McCracken picks the winner in FlipSide's "Hunger Games" contest.
We posted on our website and social media over the next couple of days.
I was already planning on heading out to the midnight showing to meet “Hunger Games” fans and live tweeting from the scene.
The newspaper’s marketing department lent us some items to give away and Buffy Andrews picked up a gift card. Fans who donated would have a chance to win a $25 gift card. (Tina Powers was the winner)
Despite not having much time to notify fans, we were able to collect 30 items and some cash for the pantry.
Several moviegoers stopped by and said they meant to bring in some items but forgot.
As always, it was fun meeting current and prospective readers. It’s interesting to hear what different people like and don’t like about the magazine and website. People tend to say they enjoy Erin and Leigh Zaleski’s columns.
I didn’t get many complaints on Friday. One reader said he would like to see TV listings in FlipSide. I told him they were on the website.
I finally left the theater around 12:30 and I felt proud of the work Erin and I had done and about meeting a few readers.

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