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Facebook post helps locate owner of framed jersey

While the York Daily Record uses social media to promote the stories we tell, it’s just as important to use these platforms for community engagement.

On Wednesday,  a person in Texas tagged the York Daily Record Facebook page in a post regarding a framed jersey that was delivered to the wrong address by a moving company. He shared it with us because it said it was framed in York.

We shared it from the York Daily Record page, noting that if anyone knew who it belonged to, they should contact that person.

Soon after, readers began offering some help, including a few who recognized the name and color of the jersey and offered the name of a former high school baseball player, Adam Innerst. Later, the person in Texas who had posted the photo of the jersey said he was able to contact Innerst, who did own the jersey.

Eventually, Innerst also posted his thanks on the post thread:

Adam Innerst: “Thanks so much to everyone who posted, means a lot to me. Special thanks to Chris and John. This jersey was misplaced by the moving company in our move from NY to TX. Happy to have it back and Happy New Year to all!”

It was a great example of how current technology and a community that’s eager to help can come together to solve a mystery.