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Digital First’s ideaLab honoree: Marketing Department’s Courtney Cashour

Marketing’s Courtney Cashour was typically humble and understated in sharing her successful proposal for inclusion in Digital First Media’s ideaLab.

She is one of two talented women from the York Daily Record/York Sunday News/York Newspaper Co. to gain a coveted slot in this company-wide think tank to spur innovation. The business staff’s Lauren Boyer was the other.

Here was Courtney’s preface to her proposal to Digital First Media CEO John Paton:

“It’s typical Courtney. I have no idea how I beat out 475 other people.”

Well, we do. It’s typical Courtney. A thoughtful proposal pointing to excellence.

Here it is:

Mr. Paton,

I would like to throw my name in the ring for the ideaLab. Currently, I work as a Research Manager for the Pennsylvania region of MediaNews Group. I am also a blogger for SmartMagPA.com, one of our products targeted toward women, on my personal time. Check me out at http://www.yorkblog.com/smart/author/ccashour.

Honestly, I don’t need a computer, a laptop, a mobile phone or an iPad; I have all of those. At my fingertips, I have the world in software that can target customer development and acquisition across digital and analog mediums, yet I do not have the time to dedicate to “new” projects.

Here are the questions that I would like to answer if given the opportunity:

Who are my audiences?

What do they need/want?

Do we have a product that fits that need?

If yes, is it being marketed properly or at all? How do I get to my audience? Would I need an SEO service? How does my marketing department “market” the message effectively to non-traditional audience?

If no, how can I serve a new audience?

We must find our audiences and harness it to our best abilities for the future of our business. The breadth and scope of our audience drives our revenue.

What I bring to the table is creativity, ingenuity, integrity, humor and determination. I have the resources. I have the ability. Now give me the time and the leadership to make it happen.