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DFM T-shirt honors DFMie winners. 4 videos, too.


The York Daily Record’s Jason Plotkin ordered this T-shirt to recognize fellow DFMie winners in a recent Digital First Media award competition in St. Paul, Minn. Plotkin won a big award himself, Mid-Sized Daily Journalist of the Year.

In his DFMie acceptance speech, YDR photographer Jason Plotkin unveiled a T-shirt made to honor other winners in the annual competition.

The unveiling went with a hitch. Jay, known for his Superman-like photographic efforts, couldn’t get his shirt unbuttoned. He must not have had the hand strength to rip it open to show the silk-screened T-shirt.

But he pulled the next part off flawlessly: He went around getting the shirt autographed by several award-winning luminaries at the St. Paul DFMie event.

Since we’ve reported the YDR’s awards in a past post – It’s DFMie time and the winner is … –¬†we’ll include videos used to introduce YDR winners in this festive occasion: