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Congratulations, Lauren Boyer, in joining the Digital First Media ideaLab team

A York Daily Record/Sunday News staff member – and our news organization – received word of a huge honor today.

Lauren Boyer, a multi-platform journalist on our business staff, was selected as a member of Digital First Media’s ideaLab, a team of 25 innovators who will spend 10 hours a week experimenting and then report back about how to improve the news business.

On his blog, Digital First CEO John Paton gave these instructions to the Lauren and other ideaLab selectees: “Other than that – there are no rules. Just go and play and tell us how to run our business better.”

Here is a note I sent to our newsroom staff, adapted for this blog:


You’re seeing in a separate corporate-wide email that Lauren Boyer has been selected as a member of Digital First’s ideaLab.

Congratulations to Lauren and Courtney Cashour, our colleague from marketing, who also has been named to this think tank.

That’s wonderful, two of the 25 selectees from among more than 500 applicants come from this plant. That’s an accomplishment considering the competition from about 55 daily newspapers and a bunch of weeklies etc.

Lauren’s proposal, delivered to judges via Storify, began:

“She’s a nerd. She wants to be your nerd.”

“York, PA — The young multi-platform business journalist choked on her stale newsroom coffee when the boss handed her an iPad and said he didn’t want to see her face in the office.”

Hooked? Here’s her winning proposal.
And here’s John Paton’s announcement from his blog, in case you missed the earlier email: Meet The Newest Members of the ideaLab.