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There may be a moratorium on executions in Pennsylvania, but if last week’s local poll on the subject is any indication, the fight for the death penalty’s survival has barely begun. The conventional wisdom in survey research is that people — Americans especially — like to gravitate toward the centrist

If a poll falls flat in the wilderness of the World Wide Web, does it still make a sound? I hope so, at least eventually. Last week’s opinion-page poll on the York County Heritage Trust drew just 29 responses. Now, when someone asks me a question, I like to think

You don’t know me, but allow me to introduce myself. I’m the guy who, until a few weeks ago, created most of the daily “Two Cents” polls you used to find on our webpage. That job has been outsourced to a widget that generates its own, broader-based poll, with options

There’s a lot of talk these days about journalism training, and how some journalists say they’re not getting enough. We’re trying to make sure that’s not the case here. A group of our newest employees just finished YDRU, a big-picture course on the YDR’s history and culture that serves to welcome

My favorite fictionalized account of life in a newsroom comes from a a little satirical Mark Twain piece called “Journalism in Tennessee.” In it, Twain plays a young, naive reporter who secures employment at The Morning Glory and Johnson County War Whoop and sets about writing the day’s community news dispatches from

My recent posts about journalistic bias provoked a fair amount of response, including several who commented that media is biased in favor of selling papers — or more likely these days, moving the needle that tracks online readers. I think that notion is overstated, but also at least partially defensible. I

Discussion of the coverage of Ferguson provoked a number of comments on my Facebook page  regarding media bias, and while I have to agree there is “bias” in reporting, it’s usually not the kind people mean when they use the word. Despite what some people think, I’ve never encountered a