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[brightcove video=”1381092943001″ /] Congratulations to the winners of the York Sunday News word search contest, published on the editorial page New Year’s Day. Contestants were asked to use clues to identify names in the news from 2011, then find them in the word search. Each correct entry was entered in

In one of many efforts we make to get local voices in print and online, YDR annually selects a group of local folks to act as community columnists. The seven columnists write on a rotating basis in our Sunday Viewpoints section – and, of course, their pieces are posted at

A reader writes about the editorial cartoon by Glenn McCoy published on the Dec. 2 YDR opinion page (shown above): Dear YDR Folks, About Friday’s cartoon:  The Occupy Wall Street movement is a nonviolent movement.  Yet this cartoon shows them committing an absurd act of violence.  Is this a truthful

Two years ago, I wrote a story around the holidays on how to cure annoying habits of family members (e.g. Uncle Tom’s snoring, niece Emily’s picking of her nose). It was a light, fun read, but I felt like it should have come with a disclaimer: This was not based

As Assistant Managing Editor of Features and Niche Publications, it’s my job to purchase features for the newspaper. This includes items like comics and columns and puzzles. Part of this process involves meeting with representatives from numerous syndicates that represent the creators of these products and negotiating the contracts. So

A letter writer argues a recent YDR editorial urging tea partiers and occupiers to find common ground — and to refrain from bashing each other with stereotypes — was hypocritical because the paper also ran cartoons critical of the occupy movement. Just for the record, columns and cartoons do not