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Cartman goes home

A plush version of the "South Park" character Cartman relaxes on the desk of award-winning sports reporter Frank Bodani. Daily Record/Sunday News -- Chris Dunn

Seems the Cartman award is back into circulation again. 
Cartman is a plush doll from the cartoon “South Park.” Every now and then, a journalist here at the York Daily Record/Sunday News will award Cartman to a coworker in recognition of excellent work or an achievement of some kind.
As the tradition goes, the person awarded keeps Cartman at his or her desk for a short time before passing him along to another worthy recipient. The move is always announced in an email to the entire newsroom.
Recently, Cartman came out of hiding (word is he had been kidnapped.) He was awarded to Sherry Coons in the sports department, who passed him on this week to sports writer Frank Bodani.
When I first started at the YDR in 1999, Cartman was already an institution. I was told back then he started as an award for excellent prose but later expanded his scope.
I recall winning Cartman at least one time for page design (Thank you, Paul Kuehnel).
However, I do not recall ever learning who first brought Cartman to us. My knowledge does not extend that far back.
— Matt Anderson
night desk