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Blast from the past: Recognize any of these faces?

When long-time copy editor Gloria Fogal retired recently, she came across a YDR company newsletter from March 0f 1989. It was basically a rundown of new hires and changes in family status.

Sitting atop the list of new hires was a skinny kid with big ’80s glasses and lots of hair by the name of … Randy Parker.

Nine other people are listed as recent hires in that newsletter. One of them still works here with me. I suspect that readers of this blog will quickly figure out who that is.

It’s fun to look back on this. Lots of wonderful memories wash over me as I think back to my first days here.

I’ll be honest with you — this was a dream job when I landed it on Jan. 17, 1989, and it remains my dream job today. There were times in high school — I graduated from Dallastown in 1984 — when I would drive past the Daily Record building and tell my friends, “Look! There’s Mecca. I’m going to work there someday.”

I won’t say that I still think of this as Mecca, but it remains the only place I want to work.

I’d love to receive updates on where the rest of the rogues in this gallery are today. Anyone know?

P.S.: You’ll see that Cheryl Spilman is mentioned in this newsletter as the employee who won the “Snitch & Win” contest. Cheryl remains with the company as a valued editorial assistant.

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