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Bittersweet loss at 1891 Loucks Road as key support player retires

Linda Smith Submitted
Linda Smith

People come and go in any business, and as someone who has been with this company in one way or another since 1985, I have seen many people spin through the revolving door. It’s hard to watch any of the good ones go.

Last week, I sent the following note to the newsroom editors about a key support player who has helped all of us every day, though many have never even met her.


Hey folks,

Linda Smith, who has long been the backbone of York Newspaper Co.’s Ad Layout Department, has announced her retirement. We are fortunate that she has given long notice. Her last day will be Oct. 2.

When I first took the position of managing editor, Jim McClure wisely counseled me to get to know Linda and to form a solid relationship with her. She has saved our butts countless times and helped us reconfigure, rework and build pages and sections. She has helped us get the most flexibility possible from the pressroom and from the ad sales team.

After 28 years with this company, she’s ready to let someone else manage the chaos.

Stop by and thank her at some point. You might not have been directly involved with her often, but I can assure you that she has helped you and your readers many, many times.

BTW: Did you know that Joan Concilio is her sister? True fact.