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Behind the scenes: Milk and meat pamphlets from the attic of York’s former city hall

York city reporter Emily Opilo shows an amendment glued to the inside back cover of a 1933 ‘Meat Ordinance, City of York, PA.’ The ordinance became effective Feb. 1, 1933. The beginning of the Permits and Fees section reads: ‘The permit fee for each year or part thereof shall be one dollar ($1.00) but no permit fee shall be required of a farmer who is classed as a vendor hereunder.’

Pieces of history were about to be swept up or thrown away Wednesday as York city employees cleaned out the former city hall attic. City reporter Emily Opilo (who is leaving YDR for the Allentown Morning Call this week) saved some of this ephemera from the trash.

Below is an excerpt from Emily’s story. Read the full story here. See more photos below.

Mike Shanabrook, the city’s emergency planning specialist, has been overseeing the process. … “What I’m looking for is stuff that would have some sort of historical significance, or would give a good idea of what was going on in the community,” he said. Handwritten records kept in hardbound volumes paint a vivid picture of city life in the early 1900s, Shanabrook said. Anything that required a license was carefully detailed at the time.
“Juke box licenses, dance licenses, if you wanted a dog pen in the city, you had to have a license,” he said.

A paper wrapper shows that the ‘Gazette Print Shop’ printed books, magazines and office stationary. It was at 31 E. King St.

Visual editor Eileen Joyce shows off a City of York milk ordinance pamphlet, approved Dec. 16, 1932. The last entry reads: ‘SECTION 21. This Ordinance shall become effective January 1st, 1933. HENRY BUTLER, City Clerk.’

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