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In this age of instant online communications, it’s surprising how many traditional letters to the editor we still get. There’s really been no drop-off in letters over the last decade. We try to get them processed, verified, edited and online – then into print – as quickly as possible. But

Two recent additions to Buffy’s World include the “Something About” series and Tweet Moments. “Something About…” feature introduces some of the local peeps who work and play in the wonderful world of social media. You’ll find them on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and a screenful of other social media platforms.

It’s not often but sometimes you get a note that makes your day. Yesterday, for instance, I got a note from the Prowler Staff at Central York High School thanking me for my recent visit. While there, I talked to the student journalists about the importance of social media in

Many people ask: Why doesn’t the newspaper sign its editorials?  Are you cowards – unwilling to stand behind your positions? Are you embarrassed? Why do you insist letter writers use their names when you don’t sign your editorials? Good questions. I always start my answer with this: We DO sign