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An adorable update

Earlier this week, Brandie Kessler wrote a story about the ABLE Act, which will help families of people with disabilities save money for them in a tax-free account.

To help tell the story, we introduced you to 4-year-old Emily Loney who has CHARGE syndrome. Emily has neurological and heart issues and she was born blind in her left eye. She had surgery earlier this month to remove her left eye.

The bill will help her mother, Casey Hughes, save for the future without jeopardizing Emily’s Social Security disability assistance.

On Thursday morning, Emily’s story and her picture appeared at the top of the York Daily Record’s front page. The rest of the morning got lost in breaking news, but a few hours into it, Kessler got an email that brightened our day. We thought it might brighten yours, too.

Hughes wrote to say thanks and to share a photo, saying:

When we bought it she was so excited saying its me mommy its me.