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YDR editor about Sandy: ‘Many folks will be depending on us to cover the local news’

Managing Editor Randy Parker stopped by the York Daily Record/Sunday News office, partially decked out as zombie. He led a NewsVroom zombie crew who rolled in the York Halloween Parade Sunday.

OK, these are the best of times and the worst of times. Best of times: The NewsVroom, and its crew of zombies, participated in York’s Halloween Parade. Worst of times: That done, the crew is lined up to cover Sandy. And they might convert Newsvroom from a mobile media lab to a mobile newsroom.

Meanwhile, back at the office, Business Editor Cathy Hirko urged YDR staff to prepare for a long run – and to take care of themselves, lest a day or two in, they’re function like, well, zombies.

Cathy’s note:

Hi folks,

First, a big thank you to those who have done the news storm preparations so far. It’s a HUGE undertaking.

It’s going to be an intense week for everyone in the newsroom, so please, please prepare. Flooding and power outages are expected to be widespread.

What can you do to help ensure we can work as efficiently and quickly as possible?

Make sure your cell phone, laptop, iPad are charged and ready to go.

If you see storm damage, take photos, video, do the reporting, the more help we get the better.

Be thinking what you can cover/report on in the storm. Everyone is on the storm beat this week.

Fill up your vehicle with gas, because without power, you can use your vehicle to charge your phone.

Pack an overnight bag and keep in your car. Pack extra clothes. If this storm is as bad as they are reporting, we are going to need help from every department in the newsroom.

For those not aware, we do have a deal with the nearby Holiday Inn if you need a place to stay in an emergency. See your department heads for details.

Many folks will be depending on us to cover the local news. That’s exactly WHY we do what we do.



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