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A proposal fit for the YDR history books

Don’t judge my pic, I was cornered in my cubicle.
I have it on good authority that there has not been a proposal in the YDR newsroom in recent memory (or at least the memory of local historian and editor Jim McClure).

But what do you do when two newspaper-loving people are in love, and one wants to pop the big question? Set a new YDR memory for the history books.

Tuesday night, Christian Alexandersen of the Carroll County Times asked our very own copy editor, Abby Rhoad, to be his wife. Don’t worry, deadline had passed and work was done for the night.


And better yet, he did it with a newspaper theme and there were several Digital First journalists on hand to document it all.

Christian made a mock copy of our front page, with a photo of the ring asking her to marry him. Once I handed it to her and she was thoroughly confused, he popped out, and got down on one knee.

In true journalistic fashion, we had three video cameras going and at least a few pictures from my phone as the whole thing transpired.

Watch two views.

From night cops reporter Rebecca Lefever (YouTube was not cooperating):

And from assistant news editor Dan Herman:

The funny thing about us being so focused on digital first? We had to wait a day to post that it happened since the newly-engaged couple needed to tell a everyone they knew first.

Congrats you two!