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A personality for print

Here I am getting ready to read in the studio.
Here I am getting ready to read in the studio.

Some radio personalities joke they have the face for radio. Well I have the personality for print. I’ve thought about this when I used to cover breaking news. I could never stand there and recite my story live to a camera. Absolutely no way.

So you could imagine my nerves when I went up to New York City Monday to be videotaped by the Michael J Fox Foundation for their 2013 video with the theme “Letters to the Michael J Fox Foundation.” It should have been easy enough. I had written the letter I was reading back during their Father’s Day campaign. They were my words.

But the minute I stepped into that recording studio, I felt like a fish out of water. And I just kept telling myself whatever you do, don’t curse when you mess up.

Turns out, it really was one of the more intimidating things I’ve done. I can speak from the cuff (or sing) in front of hundreds of people. But a camera and a dark room full of video and lighting guys staring at you for 20 minutes as they get the light “just right.” Or that poor groomer that had to get my hair “just right” when I kept fidgeting.

I had a hard time looking into the camera the entire time and waiting until someone yelled cut before I started giggling nervously. And I flinched every time they snapped the clapboard in front of my face to start the take.

It only took me four takes to get through it all. But it gave me a new-found respect for TV journalists. It’s not that easy to accentuate certain words and enunciate when a voice coach tells you to.

I’ll stick to hiding behind my computer and my words if that’s OK with you guys.