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A note from outgoing chamber President Tom Donley to news media

Tom Donley’s long tenure with the York County Chamber of Commerce will end Monday. He sent this goodbye note to news media types:

Tom Donley

As I step down as President of The York County Chamber of Commerce as of October 31, I want to take the time to thank you for the difficult and vital work you perform reporting and editing the news in York County. I often feel like I have quite a few people looking over my shoulder … 1500 members, a new boss each year etc. But you are fully exposed to the world 24/7/365. The rule of law and the free enterprise system, in my opinion, make the United States unique. And as our first line of defense to educate citizens and try to keep people playing by the rules we rely on the “4th estate.” As a free enterprise advocate, I have tried to be a rational and credible voice for business in the arena and to be accessible and accommodating to the media. I have learned so much from consuming your product and interacting with you. And, I appreciate the positive relationship and friendships we have formed. During November, I will be concentrating on my future career. I am continuing in the low key role as President of The Foundation of the York County Chamber and I will continue as a member of the York County Economic Alliance as an individual and volunteer representative of my daughter Megan’s business Lotus Moon Yoga and Therapeutic Massage. All the best, Tom Donley