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A new view of “Fixing York” keeps readers up-to-date on continuing efforts

As YDR’s Fixing York coverage has grown over the past few months, the name has taken on many new lives.

Fixing York is a vibrant Facebook community of people dedicated to bettering York City. It’s a series of solutions-focused articles on issues relevant to the city. It’s profiles of York’s neighborhoods and the people who live in them. And it’s a pretty cool map of those neighborhoods that you should check out.

“Fixing York” is a big effort — it’s a part of the newsroom’s DNA. And it extends way beyond articles with a “Fixing York” badge in our print edition.

The new, mobile-friendly Fixing York page.
The new, mobile-friendly Fixing York page.

Early this summer, we knew that our coverage was becoming so expansive that we needed a better tool to organize it — a place that our readers could go to stay up-to-date on Fixing York efforts alone.

We were especially concerned about our mobile readers, who now make up the majority of our audience. We wanted a way to show connections between Fixing York articles, even on the smallest of screens.

The even greater challenge was creating a home for “Fixing York” that showed the broadness of a solutions-oriented effort that has always extended beyond the headlines.

The new Fixing York page is our attempt to do that — organize our coverage in a reader-friendly (and mobile-friendly) way, while keeping the communal, action-oriented goals of the effort front-and center.

On this page our readers will find Fixing York-related news, features and opinion; links to community organizations that are making a difference in York; quotes from Facebook community members and a form for suggesting Fixing York stories to the newsroom.

It’s just one more component of an ongoing effort that YDR is proud to be a part of.