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A fun York Daily Record mail call

I’ve worked for the York Daily Record in various capacities since 1999, and earlier this month, I switched from working as a part-time contractor back to a full-time job managing community news content, which I had also done from about 2005 to 2011.

A lot has changed since then – but there are some fun familiar tasks that I’ve been happy to settle back into as well.

You know, like checking the mail.

Even though we get tons of email, we also still get a solid amount of physical mail. I enjoy that the most sometimes, because I admit a passion for handwritten notes and letters.

Well, today’s made me smile. ReaderĀ Charles Arnold had printed out an email forward that I think safely describes MANY Yorkers’ thoughts on the weather, added his own hand-drawn personal touch, and mailed it to us.


Charles, your additions to that groundhog’s face PERFECTLY match my feelings on this winter. Evil thing!

You never know what the mail will bring…