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New bloggers on the Night News and Digital desk

Our two new multi-platform journalists on Night News and Digital have been working hard on the digital aspects of their jobs. And they recently joined the ranks of YDR bloggers, a bit of a milestone for anyone.

Dan Herman, our assistant news editor, posted an item last week, Aug. 17, called “The vagaries of getting old.” It was posted on the Twenty and Change blog. Here is a taste:

“There’s a lot of baggage that comes with getting older. When you’re younger you hear all about the changes your body’s going to go through and how different everything will seem and how uncomfortable showers will be in middle school, but discussions of aging with children (understandably) tend to peter out around right around puberty.”

This week, Tuesday to be exact, Hannah Sawyer started her career as a professional blogger with an item in Twenty and Change, as well. Her entry is called “A beginner’s guide to cubicle decor.” Here is the first graph of it:

“I’ll admit it, I was excited to get a cubicle. Not a corner office with a view, not a majestic mahogany desk and plush leather chair, just a cubicle with a mouse that didn’t work very well and a computer that was probably made the same year I was born. And I’ve already given myself away. Now you know it’s my first job.”

Expect more from these two, as well as the rest of the crew on Night News and Digital.

-Tom Barstow, news editor, Night News and Digital