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Month: September 2014

Someone with great foresight at the York Daily Record decided in the 1980s that what is called hyperlocal news – community news about neighborhood happenings and items about personal achievements – should remain in the newspaper.

We’ve maintained – and even grown – those Lions Club, scholarship winners and school honor rolls in the York Daily Record/York Sunday News. With the introduction of our website, ydr.com, in 1996, we’ve progressively added such content – formerly also called “chicken dinner news” – in digital form.

My recent posts about journalistic bias provoked a fair amount of response, including several who commented that media is biased in favor of selling papers — or more likely these days, moving the needle that tracks online readers. I think that notion is overstated, but also¬†at least partially defensible. I

Discussion of the coverage of Ferguson provoked a number of comments on my Facebook page ¬†regarding media bias, and while I have to agree there is “bias” in reporting, it’s usually not the kind people mean when they use the word. Despite what some people think, I’ve never encountered a