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Month: December 2011

Here’s a look at our news budget for the rest of today online, and for tomorrow’s paper. Of note: The Penn State bowl-week stories are beginning for this, a bowl week unlike any other in Penn State history. Thoughts/questions/comments are welcomed. And as always, you’re invited to circle us on Google+

Both of my daughters were crying last night. Penn State reporter Frank Bodani was picking me up at 3:30 am this morning for a 7am flight to Dallas and I thought it best to sleep on the couch downstairs so I wouldn’t wake anyone up while getting ready. We were

Features editor Buffy Andrews reads a handwriting analysis for members of the living staff. Buffy: How can someone be outgoing, impulsive and emotionally open, but somewhat shy? Are they bipolar? Sarah Chain: They’re conflicted. Buffy: Who was it describing? Sarah: Pat. Buffy: Outgoing, impulsive, emotionally open. (She nods) Somewhat shy,