Wandering in York County

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The National Apple Museum, appropriately located in Adams County, has an attractive archive with neat apple-themed postcards like this Image curtesy of the National Apple Museum.

National Apple Harvest Festival: Apple lovers converge in Biglerville

A Scottish preacher stands on a porch. He gazes across the valley in Gardners, Adams County, admiring the hills and lush farmland. “Bonnie Brae,” he whispers to a man named Bill Lott who is standing close by.

It means “beautiful hills” in Gaelic. Lott, who started growing apples in 1927, named his farm “Bronnie Brae,” and that name continues with his great-grand daughter today – Sarah Lott Zost. She’s a fourth-generation apple grower.

Mac Lott, far left, has grown apples on his father’s farm his entire life. His son, Jim Lott standing in the center, similarly passed that love of agriculture down to his daughter, Sarah Lott Zost (right) who manages the farm alongside her family. Jamie Kinsley Photo.

As an intelligent woman and hard worker, Sarah Lott Zost isn’t standing in her paternal family’s shadow. After earning a degree in agribusiness management and moving back to the family farm, she’s making a name for herself in the orchards. Lott Zost, along with her team, harvest over 40 million apples a year.

However, growing apples isn’t easy. In a recent article on WitnessingYork.com, Jim McClure and I explore the over-simplified Johnny Appleseed legend: Growing Apples: It’s more than ‘plant the seed, harvest the fruit.”

pony rides, crafts, music, entertainment, and food await you at the annual, National Apple Harvest. Jamie Kinsley Photo.
In the article on Witnessing York, Jim McClure and I explain all that grows into that beautiful, red apple resting on your kitchen table. It’s not as simple as Johnny Appleseed’s “plant the seed, harvest the fruit.” Image curtesy of The National Apple Museum.

You can learn more at the National Apple Harvest Festival happening these weekends (Oct. 2-3, Oct. 9-10). The Lotts will be there, a family tradition.

If you go, you’ll see live demonstrations such as harvesting pitch from trees seen above. Jamie Kinsley Photo.
We enjoyed admiring the classic cars, including the bug above with fake arms and legs sticking out from the hood! Jamie Kinsley Photo.

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