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York’s Penn Park Rebecca Fountain–Part 3

This card, postmarked April 9, 1909 in York, was sent to Miss Florence Emig, Delta RD 1 from her Aunt Sybilla

Here is another mystery concerning York’s Penn Park fountain–what does Rebecca have on her head? In these postcards from the York County Heritage Trust Library/Archives there seems to be some kind of ring above the statue on these postcards. There wasn’t anything like that on the drawing that accompanied one of the newspaper articles about the 1898 fountain dedication (see previous post), nor did the detailed descriptions mention it.

Postmarked York, June 1906 and addressed to Mr. Linden Gladfelter, Seven Valleys.

Postmarks on the cards indicate that the photos were taken ten years or less after the installation. I’m guessing that the ring was added fairly soon to get the water up even higher before cascading down over the statue and from the fountain bowls. It must have been an impressive sight.