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Yorkers Giggle

What did young people do for fun on Halloween week 99 years ago?
According to the York Daily of October 30, 1909, there was some giggling going on. The article reads:


The ‘Jolly Giggling club’ held its first meeting at the house of Miss Martha Kraus, 531 South Mackenzie Street, last evening. The evening was spent in playing games and listening to music, after which the guests were invited to the dining room, which was tastefully decorated with pumpkins and autumn leaves, where refreshments were served.”
Great grandma knew how to have fun too. Thomas Edison’s phonograph was readily available by 1909, as were cylinder recordings, so the attendees probably were probably listening to recorded music. It doesn’t say if the club was all female or coed, but it sounds like a good time was had by all.
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