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York Young People Warned about the Evils of Sleighing Parties

York Young People Warned about Sleighing Parties

Lewis Miller drawing of a sleighing party.
You think our great-great-great-grandparents just sat around and played checkers? Yeah, right!
The article below, from the January 22, 1850 York Peoples’ Advocate, gives you an idea as to what they were really doing.

“Sleighing and Sleighing Parties.

Out sport-loving citizens had quite a merry time last week, in sleighing. The music of the bells continued from morning till night, and from night till morning. It was a pleasure to see the ladies with their beaux, robed, muffed and muffled, crowding in sleighs, and going off to some neighboring place, singing ‘Oh, Susanna.’
Coming back, however, many of them were more quiet, having become too intimately acquainted with a certain Mr. MULL WINE, or some other dashing young tempter, who had succeeded in dazzling their imagination to such a degree that they were unconscious of what transpired around them.
We should not be astonished if we would hear of elopements soon, as these ‘fellows’ cannot be trusted. They have carried off a considerable number of our young men already, but not being satisfied with such game alone, are now trying to entice our young, heedless, and giddy ladies away. We would warn them, to beware of these strangers and not form too intimate an acquaintance with them.”
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