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York Tape Worm on Display

Truth in advertising? The item below from the May 11, 1911 York Gazette looks like a news item, but the further you read, the more it sounds like an advertisement for Quaker brand remedies. Perhaps it’s both–you decide.

“Expels a Horrible Parasite Over Sixty Feet Long.

Mr. W. F. Rittase, of 371 West King Street, solicitor and collector, is well known in this city and throughout the surrounding country, still very few people are aware of the suffering he was subject to during the past two years. Although attending to business day after day with an admirable determination, yet he knew that he was afflicted with something which must sooner or later be the cause of his death in a horrible manner. He complained of his stomach, how and why he can only explain. His appetite was ravenous at times, and at other times the very sight of food nauseated him, yet he gradually was growing lighter in weight. Bloating, belching and dizziness annoyed him continually. He tried many remedies, doing everything he could by being regular in his diet and habits, yet the horrible danger was still before him.
When the Health Teacher was here in York, Mr. Rittase was one of the first people to call on him. He obtained a treatment of Quaker remedies. He followed directions in taking it. He took a dose Saturday night and another dose the next morning when–lo and behold–Sunday before dinner he expelled a monster tape worm, complete with head, which measures over 60 feet in length. He himself brought the worm to the drug store in a glass jar, and it can now be seen at the drug store by all who may care. No doubt Mr. Rittase is now the happiest man in York. Some people may doubt this case, but if the do, they can communicate with Mr. Rittase at his residence, 371 West King Street by a call, phone or letter.
It was the Health Teacher’s wonderful Quaker Extract which removed the tape worm and any other similarly afflicted person can now be supplied with these wonderful remedies at Hodnet & Pflieger’s drug store only. If you suffer with rheumatism, catarrh, kidney, liver, stomach of blood trouble call at once and he will explain what the Quaker remedies will do for you.”
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