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York Principals Think Parents and Teachers Should Cooperate

What kind of relationship do you have with your children’s teachers? How about your own school days? What did your parents and your teachers expect of each other, and of you? Do you expect too much or not enough from your children’s teachers? The relationship between parents and teachers was a hot topic at the February 1908 meeting of the York Principals’ Club.
The Gazette reports the “substance of the discussion” among Principals Fahs, Ebbert, Heilman, Lau, and Rauhouser:

“Parents have a right to demand certain things from teachers, and vice verse, the teacher has a right to expect some things from the parent. The parent has no right to demand that the teacher alone shall prepare the child in six or seven years to battle with the problems of life. The parent has a right to expect of teachers to train his child to think. Parents should not expect too much from incapable children, or from naturally dull children. Parents should visit schools to see who is teaching their children. A closer relation should exist between parents and teacher.”
Not bad advice for 2008 as well as 1908.
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