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York Post Office Statues Show Spiritual Side

York Post Office Sculptures
A recent post on the sculptures inside the front doors of the downtown York Post Office dwelt on their artistic and historical value. I received an email from a friend pointing out their spiritual qualities. Click here for previous post.
She is absolutely right. In fact their qualities of praise and reverence may have helped their sculptors win the competition. See the quote below, from the August 29, 1941 press release from the Pennsylvania State College, announcing their selection:

“The theme from which both sculptors have evolved their interpretations is taken from the Thanksgiving proclamation read in York on December 18, 1777. The model by the young Brooklyn sculptor is a spirited composition of two figures, a stalwart father and his little daughter singing a hymn of thanksgiving, a vivid embodiment of the freedom of the human spirit. The sculpture by Mr. Schmitz is of a man in characteristic Amish dress standing in thanksgiving prayer before two shocks of wheat.
The advisory jury in recommending the two sculptures to the Section of Fine Arts for award commented that they were ‘especially pleased by the spirit and sculptural quality’ of the model which proved to be by Mr. Kratina and the model by Mr. Schmitz was chosen ‘as the most suitable accompaniment, partly because its devotional character made a happy contrast to the eloquence of the other sculpture.'”
Stop in the next time you are near the post office. Pause in front of each statue and contemplate its meaning for a few minutes.