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York pastor early gardening enthusiast

This is my favorite time of year.  One big reason is the abundance of locally grown fruits and vegetables.  My mother was a very active gardener nearly all her life.  One on my first memories is awakening at a very young age and going out to find her in the garden on the farm on which I was born.  I knew just where to look.  That garden produced quite a variety of vegetables; if it would grow in York County’s soil and climate, we probably grew it.

Then I think of Dr. Robert Cathcart (1759-1849), longtime pastor of York’s First Presbyterian Church and Hopewell (Round Hill) Presbyterian Church near Cross Roads.  The York County History Center has his original diary that he kept from 1801 to 1849.  Although he recorded other local happenings, it is clear that he was avidly interested in his garden.  Here is a link to a post and York Sunday News column I wrote 10 years on Cathcart and his vegetables:


Lewis Miller drawing ofRobert Cathcart (slightly edited to correct darkened watercolor)